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Karuthamuthu Latest Episode

Karuthamuthu Latest Episode

Karuthamuthu is a Malayalam television series telecasting on Asianet. First Episode was aired on 20th November 2014.
Karuthamuthu is the story of Karthu aka Karthika, a black skinned girl but a very good human being. She is living with her mother, step-sister, and step-father. She lost her father at a very young age. She faces many humiliations only because of her skin color. Even her sister Kanya is making jokes on her skin color. Step-father too doesn't like her. The only person in this world she shares her worries is her mother. She is very attached to her mother. All her marriage proposal got canceled as she is dark. Finally, she gets married to a doctor named Balachandran. He is a good hearted kind person who cares and support his wife in every situation. They are blessed with a baby girl named Balachandrika. Later some misunderstanding and fate cause the couples to break up. Then the serial focus on the life of their kid Balachandrika.
Rincy as Karthika / Karthu (replaced Premi Viswanath)
Kishor Satya as Dr. Balachandran
Akshara Kishore as Balachandrika
Lekshmi Priya as Kanya (replaced Saranya Sasi)
Lishoy as Dr. Fernandus
Richard as Jayachandran
Archana Susheelan as Dr. Mareena
Thara Kalyan as Mallika
Srihari as Kunju Shekharan
Santhosh Kurup as Nathan, Retired Agriculture Officer
Dr. Sharmila as Jagadhamba
Jayakumar as Sadanam Sadu
Giridhar as Sreekanth
Shiju as Shankar Das
Sreelatha Namboothiri as Muthashi
Balachandran Chullikkadu as Doctor

Karuthamuthu Mon - Sat
09:00 PM
Karuthamuthu is a Malayalam TV drama airing on Asianet. The show is directed by Praveen Kadakkavoor under the banner of Bros Creations. The first Episode was aired on October 20, 2014.  Plot: Karuthamuthu is the story of a pure heart striving for love and respect in a world of stone-hearted fair-skins. Ka...

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