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Plot:The basic plot revolves around the house called Puzhakkarakavu veedu, which is the home to Appumash and kids. Appumash has 4 kids. The elder one is his one and only son Abhayan. Ponnambili, Ashalatha, and Ammu are his young daughters. Ponnambili is very good in studies and is a very talented instrumentalist. Ashalatha is a trainee nurse. Ammu has some disability in legs by birth. But she sees life positively. Now, she is engaged in learning music. Their family has another member. It's Appumash's sister's daughter Malavika. She has a bad past experience of life as she lost her mother long years ago and father is a drunkard and is irresponsible. Now her father is in prison. Malavika turns to be the backbone of the family. Due to the miseries in the life of Malavika, Appumash has a special soft corner for her. He sees her as his daughter. He has an intention to get Malavika married to his son Abhayan. As Abhayan is awaiting for his IAS exam results to come out, Appumash plans to express his intention after that. Appumash in his inner mind thinks that it is very difficult to support all the family members with his much lower income. He hopes for the good times to come soon when his kids are all settled financially. Life becomes more miserable when Appumash receives a notification from the bank on the little property of his land and the age old adjoining house they live in, which was pledged in a bank as a pawn for the past few years. This forced Ponnambili to take up a job in a garments company leaving her studies. The gripping and heart rending situation of the story which happens then on are portrayed beautifully in this serial.

Cast: Malavika Wales, Rahul, Vikraman Nair, Archana, Meera, Parvathi, Sneha, Giridhar, Kannan, Dimple

Ponnambili Mon - Fri
10:00 PM
Ponnambili is an ongoing TV series in Mazhavil Manorama. It is produced under the popular banner ‘Prime Focus Productions’. The production banner of the superhit serial Balamani in Mazhavil Manorama. The show is directed by Girish Konni. The script is written by Rajesh Puthenpurayil who has given h...

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