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Sthreedhanam is one of the longest running malayalam serial telecasting on Asianet. The story revolves around a greedy woman named Sethulakshmi and her family. Sethulakshmi has four kids - Prakashan, Prashanthan, Prasad and Prema. The central character is Divya, who is Prasanthan's wife. Sethulakshmi being a greedy mother-in-law wants more dowry from Divya. She tortures her for the reason.
The last and final episode was shown on 14th May. Sthreedhanam Climax Episode marks the end of the one of the longest running Malayalam television serial.

Sthreedhanam Mon - Fri
09:00 PM
The story starts with the wedding of Prashanthan, the eldest of three sons of Sethulakshmi and Lakshamanan Pillai, of the aristocratic Palat family. Watch latest Episode of Sthreedhanam   Click here for list of all Episodes Sthreedhanam Episode 1143 | 14-5-2016  [Final Episode] Sthre...

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