Rohtak Sisters turn to be villains??

Rohtak Sisters turn to be villains??
This report is from 'The Logical Indian'
Few days back we updated our community members about the#RohtakBraveHearts incident via a video which went viral and the news was all over the internet and television. (We took down our video posted on 01.12.2014, as with the advancement in the case we believe it only reflects the one side of the story)

As the story progresses and new twists and turns are showing up, it’s our moral responsibility to update you about the same. We urge our members to share this video widely and demand for deep investigation.

#Rohtak #RohtakInnocent #WeWantJustice

Development in the story:

While the Rohtak girls' village is celebrating as Haryana chief minister said the women would be honoured for their “act of bravery” on Republic Day, new questions are being raised about who shot the video, the emergence of second video of the two girls kicking another boy at a park, and now the new witnesses affirming that the three men were not at fault, at all.

Few passengers and residents of the ‘Rohtak Sisters’ village have come forward with testimonies and affidavits to support the three youths currently under arrest.

One of the witnesses in her affidavit said that she had asked Kuldeep, one of the accused men, to buy a ticket for a woman, who was unwell. She said, "The two girls were already sitting on seat No. 8 which was allotted to the ill woman. He requested the girls to vacate the seat for the sick woman and even showed the ticket to them. Then, he told the sick woman to sit on some other seat but the girls became abusive.

The woman said that the girls then attacked him with belts from behind and even the man jumped out of the bus when it slowed down.
The Logical Indian community believes that the boys do not deserve anybody’s sympathy if they were molesting the girls. But till the truth is proven, let us avoid being judgmental and pass quick justice on the basis of diaphanous evidence.
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