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Uppum Mulakum - About Flowers TV Show | Malayalam TV Shows

Uppum Mulakum

Status : Running
Schedule: Mon - Thur @08:00 PM
Uppum Mulakum

Uppum Mulakum is a family sitcom airing on the Malayalam channel Flowers TV. R Unnikrishnan, the man behind the famous TV shows Thatteem Mutteem and Marimayam, created this show too. Pradeep Madhav is now directing this show. In 2019, the show completed 1000 episodes, and it is the most popular show on Flowers TV.

The drama revolves around the family of Balachandran. Balachandran's family consists of his wife Neelima and their five children. Vishnu, Lakshmi, Kesavan, Shiva, and Parvathy are their kids. The drama focuses on the daily incidents of their lives. Each episode focus on new happenings and the format is the same like Thatteem Mutteem.

Biju Sopanam is portraying the role of Balachandran alias Balu. Actress Nisha Sarangh plays the role of Neelima. Kids from Flowers Cookery show 'Kuttikalavara' are also part of this show. Kuttikalavara fame Al Sabith and Shivani Menon play the role of Kesavan and Shivani respectively.


  • Biju Sopanam as Kulathara Shoolamkudi Veettil Balachandran Thampi aka Balu 
  • Nisha Sarangh as Neelima aka Neelu
  • Rishi S. Kumar as Vishnu aka Mudiyan
  • Juhi Rustagi as Lakshmi aka Lechu
  • Al Sabith as Keshav aka Keshu 
  • Shivani Menon as Shivani aka Shiva
  • Baby Ameya as Parvathy aka Paarukutty
  • Murali Manishada as Shankaran Thampi / Shankarannan
  • Binoj Kulathoor as Surendran Thampi
  • Ramesh Kottayam as Kulathara Shoolamkudi Veettil Madhavan Thampi, Balu's father
  • Rajendran N. as Padavalam Veetil Kuttan Pillai, Neelu's father.
  • Manohari Joy as Sharada, Balu's mother.
  • Varsha Abhay as Rema
  • S. P. Sreekumar as Sreekuttan / Kuttu Maaman, Neelu's younger brother



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